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Here we offer a certification program in Life Coaching & Positive Psychology by combining four (4) of our Mastery Certificate Programs to make up this comprehensive, in depth program which will help you as you move forward in your practice.

Below you'll find the Mastery Certificate Programs that are a part of this program and by clicking on the program title you will find the Individual Courses that are included. 

The books for the Life Coaching & Positive Psychology Program can be found here.

The regular price if you were to purchase each Mastery Program separately is $930 but we've discounted it to $870.  For the summer we have further discounted the price to $500.

As you complete the program you receive a certificate of completion for each of the individual courses, for each of the separate mastery programs as well as one upon completion of the entire program.

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CP-31 Coaching to Facilitating Change

This program consists of seven (7) units which explore the various aspects of the coaching profession and the provision of coaching services. Topics include: life coaching, coaching in the workplace, mentoring, consulting and more. Texts include those written by: Douglas K. Silsbee, Patrick Williams, Robert Hargrove, 
Michael Neenan, Windy Dryden, Lloyd J. Thomas.

CP-33 Coaching & Positive Psychology
This program consists of six (6) units which explore the broad range of topics, concepts, aspects of positive psychology. The factors that make up and contribute to mental health and strategies the counselor/therapist can use to assess a client in order to better promote mental health are also addressed. Texts include those 
written/edited by P. Alex Linley & Stephen Joseph Shane L. Lopez & C. R. Snyder.

CP-34 Psychology of Human Strength

This program consists of six (6) units which explore the characteristics which constitute mental health including resilience, happiness, optimism and others as well as how to promote these factors in our clients.Texts include those written/edited by Lisa G. Aspinwall, Ursula M. Staudinger, Karen Reivich, Andrew Shatte 
& Martin E. Seligman.

CP-35 Stress Management & Wellness
This program consists of six (6) units which explore issues associated with stress in the workplace and in life in general. The causes, course, management, monitoring and reduction of stress is explored in a way that helps the professional in high stress occupations and, for the helping professional, to give them the 
information and tools to help theirclients. Texts include those written/edited by Vinay Joshi, Thomas Skovholt, Michelle Trotter-Mathison & Brian Luke Seaward.

          Life Coaching & Positive Psychology Program