On this page, you'll find 2 books one authored by myself and the other updated/edited made available for purchase in pdf format.  At the very bottom, you'll find that by clicking on the course title you'll be forwarded where you can purchase the book(s) need to successfully complete that course.

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TO-35 Clinical Supervision II

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INTERACTIVE ETHICS: How Ethical & Unethical Decisions
Are REALLY Made In Organizations by Thomas H. Schear, Ph.D. 

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KEEPING IT SIMPLE by Robert C. Hickle

Between 1976 and 1980 Robert C. Hickles wrote a series of five (5) booklets (see below) on the topic of alcoholism. Those booklets have been put into one book and are available both as Kindle books or can be purchased here.

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TO-29 The First Three Years of Recovery

TO-23 Compulsive Gambling

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This book is designed to help you assess yourself, those you work with and your organization to determine how ethical/unethical decisions get made. Loaded with several templates and assessment tools this book and be used to understand how it comes to its ethical/unethical outcomes. 

There is more involved that codes of ethics and step-by-step decision-making processes, there are psychological, historical and political influences that can tend an organization towards either an ethical or unethical direction. This book helps you examine it all as you see how the individual, their co-workers and the organization all interact with each other leading to the ethical or unethical decision. You can purchase the book at for $7.50.