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Coaching, Counseling & Mentoring Services (CCMS, Inc.) is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP tm) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events (or programs) that meet NBCC requirements. Sessions (or programs) for which NBCC-approved clock hours will be awarded are identified in the program bulletin (or in the catalogue or Web site). The ACEP is sole responsible for all aspects of the programs meet NBCC requirements.

BB-01 Holistic Recovery 14 hours
BB-02 Treating Borderline Personality Disorder 14 hours
BB-03 Cognitive Approaches w/ Bipolar Disorders 14 hours
BB-04 Cognitive Approaches w/ Depression 14 hours
BB-05 Operating a Private Practice 14 hours
BB-06 HIV & Recovery 12 hours
BB-07 Recovery By Rational Means 12 hours
BB-08 Treatment Planning w/ Substance Abusers 12 hours
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BB-09 Cognitive Treatment of Trauma 12 hours
BB-10 The Troubled Employee 20 hours
BB-11 Counseling Adolescents 18 hours
BB-12 Managing High-Risk Behaviors 12 hours
BB-13 Narrative Therapy w/ Substance Abusers 14 hours
BB-14 Pragmatic Brief Therapy 14 hours
BB-15 Brief Therapy: Theory & Practice 16 hours
BB-16 Brief Therapy III 14 hours
BB-17 Cognitive Therapy w/ Children & Adolescents 14 hours
BB-18 Family Intervention 12 hours
BB-19 Addiction, Intervention & Treatment 12 hours
BB-20  Crisis Counseling & Brief Therapy 14 hours

         Bargain Courses

You can earn between 12 and 20 continuing education hours from any of our 40 Courses (listed below) for$25 each.

You can find a brief description of the courses by accessing the Bargain Courses Catalog

All courses are NAADAC/NBCC/CAADAC/OASAS approved.

You can place your order by using the order form in the catalog then sending it along with a check/money order/cashiers check for the amount to us via regular. 

Or place your credit/debit card order at                                        then emailing us informing us which course(s) your ordered.     

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BB-21 Brief Group Therapy w/ Substance Abusers 12 hours
BB-22 Eclectic Therapy 14 hours
BB-23 Systems Theory in Therapy 12 hours
BB-24 Eclectic Therapy II 16 hours
BB-25 Systems Approach w/ Addiction 18 hours
BB-26 Improving Therapeutic Skills II 16 hours
BB-27 Counseling Across the Life Cycle 20 hours
BB-28 Coaching & Mentoring 16 hours
BB-29 Consulting: Utilizing Your Expertise 16 hours
BB-30 Employee Assistance Programming 20 hours
BB-31 The Resilience Factor 12 hours
BB-32 Cognitive Behavioral Tx of Compulsive Gamblers 20 hours
BB-33 Cognitive Behavioral Tx of Smoking Cessation 20 hours
BB-34 Crisis Theory & Practice 14 hours
BB-35 Promoting Wellness Over the Lifespan 12 hours
BB-36 Eye Movement Desensitization & Reproccessing 16 hours
BB-37 Rapid Behavior Change & Counseling 12 hours
BB-38 Sexual Issues In Therapy 14 hours
BB-39 The Psychology of Happiness & Optimism I 12 hours
BB-40 The Psychology of Happiness & Optimism II 12 hours